ACTEM -  Audio development
Our team of experienced engineers deliver audio development work and OEM parts to Audio and Video manufacturers around the world. Our clients are located in Europe, India, China, and USA.
We do:
Wireless audio, both uncompressed 24 bit 48 kHz and Bluetooth AptX.
Digital development of DSP, FPGA, USB DAC, DAC, ADC systems.
Embedded PC CD player solutions.
DSP loudspeaker crossover, timedelay and phase correction, equalizer systems.
OEM loudspeaker drive units.
OEM loudspeaker cabinets and crossovers.
Turnkey OEM manufacturing of complete tested systems. Small and large scale.
D class power amplifiers.
Switch mode power supplies.
Analog preamplifiers and power amplifiers.
Power conditioning systems.
Solidworks drawings of metal cabinets and wood cabinets.
OEM manufacturing of cabinets.
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